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Quality Care for Your Loved One, Peace of Mind for You
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Quality Care for Your Loved One, Peace of Mind for You

Welcome to Advantage Home Care

Celebrating 10 Years Providing Quality Care to Maine Families

Advantage Home Care has been providing compassionate non-medical home care services for Maine seniors since 2008. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and serve the southern Maine area from Biddeford through Portland to Freeport.

Advantage Home Care is the perfect solution for seniors wanting to remain independent in their homes as they recover from surgery, illness or manage a chronic medical condition. Our highly qualified and thoroughly screened caregivers will assist you or your loved ones with a variety of activities of daily living insuring your safety, well-being, and continued independence.

Our Senior Resources Blog is full of useful information.

Advantage Home Care recognizes and understands your situation.

We provide quality support and address two of the major concerns experienced by seniors with limiting health conditions:

1. The ability to continue enjoying simple pleasures, such as trips to museums, libraries, theaters, and other outings, that give your life meaning.

2. The preservation of loving, long-standing family relationships undisturbed by the stress that usually accompanies care-taking by family members.

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Quality Care from Highly Qualified Caregivers

Our guiding philosophy in providing services is simple but strong: if there are existing problems to be solved, we offer change to make life better; if there are potential problems anticipated ahead, we work to prevent change that may limit our clients’ lifestyle. We are dedicated to improving lives of seniors and their families.

Advantage Home Care also works to support seniors in various assisted living facilities in the southern Maine area. When the senior is starting to need more assistance than the facility can readily offer but wishes to ‘age in place’ we can be there to help. It is all about making your loved one comfortable and cared for in their last years.  

We are always happy to hear from you and answer any question you may have.

We love our Advantage Home Care clients. They become family to us. A client’s daughter describes the care AHC has been able to provide for her mother.

For almost 30 years I have served Maine elders and their families through Elder Law. Throughout that time I have worked with a number of service providers to help our clients locate, obtain and finance quality care. The success of these efforts is one of the most important indicators of well being for our elders.

I have worked for several years with Rich Blumenthal and the staff at Advantage Home Care to provide services to our clients throughout southern Maine. Rich and the entire staff are focused on providing appropriate quality care when and where it is needed in crisis and ongoing situations. Rich has designed Advantage Home Care so it functions well and permits him to monitor staff performance and the quality of services delivered to clients.

I have first hand experience with Advantage Home Care’s prompt, flexible and affordable work for our clients. They work well in a team of professionals to meet an individual’s needs.

In this time of increasing need for care services and changing governmental health care services, Rich Blumenthal and the staff at Advantage Home Care appreciate that they are providing a key ingredient in an individual’s quality of life, either at home or in a facility.

I recommend Rich Blumenthal and Advantage Home Care without any reservation. Please contact me if I can provide further information or assistance.

Timothy M. Vogel, Esq.
Vogel & Dubois, Portland, ME 

The Senior Resources Blog

Two spoonfuls of sugar
Dietary Needs

The Ups and Downs of Too Much Sugar

Mom is 88-years-old now and lives in a memory care facility. Her sweet tooth is going just as strong as she still is. The problem is she will sometimes eat one candy bar after another, to the point that she’s not hungry for a regular meal. One day a caregiver mentioned that my mother seemed a bit lightheaded that morning and she noticed a pile of candy bar wrappers in the wastebasket beside her chair. It was nearly empty the night before.

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Lee with her Granddaughter
Dealing with Chronic Illness

If you have a thyroid nodule does it mean cancer?

Lee, who’s in her 60s, thought she might have thyroid cancer a few years ago when a CT scan she had for something else showed a lump or a nodule on her thyroid. Further testing came back suspicious for papillary cancer, the most common type of thyroid cancer. “Suspicious” doesn’t automatically mean cancer, but Lee’s odds were 60 to 70 percent. The next step was surgery to find out for sure.

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Finding transportation for an elderly parent
Planning for Retirement and Beyond

Finding Transportation For An Elderly Parent

If your parent can’t drive any more, finding transportation in your community can seem like a daunting task. Lisa Corson, the Help Line coordinator at the Maine Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, urges people to try and plan ahead. When she takes a call from someone, it’s often after the elderly person has stopped driving and the family is in a bit of a crisis mode.

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