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A Helping Hand When Home Care is No Longer the Best Choice

The decision to hire an agency, such as Advantage Home Care, to help care for your elderly loved one is often not an easy one. In most cases, the client, family members, and care providers quickly settle into a routine that works well for everyone. The time may come, however, when caregiving needs increase or are more complicated, and it becomes clear that living at home is no longer the best or the safest option. When that happens, many families don’t know how or where to even begin the process.
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Alzheimer’s Disease: A Walk with My Mother

She still has far more sense than I will ever have. My mother. Who has Alzheimer’s disease. We decided that it was a lovely day for a walk along the ocean on Portland’s Eastern Promenade Trail. The sun was out. It was really warm. My mother reached into the closet for her fleece jacket. “Ma,” I said as brightly as the sun was shining. “It’s too warm for that jacket. How about something lighter?” “No,” she called over her shoulder with equal brightness. “I’m always cold when other people aren’t. This will be just right. Are you sure  you’ll be warm enough?”
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