A Helping Hand When Home Care is No Longer the Best Choice

The decision to hire an agency, such as Advantage Home Care, to help care for your elderly loved one is often not an easy one. In most cases, the client, family members, and care providers quickly settle into a routine that works well for everyone. The time may come, however, when caregiving needs increase or are more complicated, and it becomes clear that living at home is no longer the best or the safest option. When that happens, many families don’t know how or where to even begin the process.

Rich Blumenthal, who is the president and owner of Advantage Home Care, provides a wide variety of services so that seniors can live at home. But he says nearly one-third of his clients have had to move out of their home into an assisted living or long-term care community. When families asked him for advice, he knew right where to send them for guidance. “I often referred them to Beach Glass Transitions, with excellent results. I believe that they are the market leader in this category in Southern Maine, and they possess the knowledge, expertise and staff necessary to offer a high quality service.”

Lynn Peel founded Beach Glass Transitions in 2008 — the same year Rich founded Advantage Home Care. Her goal is to help families caring for elderly loved ones develop personalized care and transition plans. “Every single person I see says I don’t know where to start,” she says. “Even if they’re three-quarters of the way through, they don’t know. We literally hold their hand and say, ‘This is the first thing we have to do, this is the second thing.’ We help them figure out the very best senior care choices and if needed, we do the work for them.”

A new partnership

Rich was happy to refer clients to Lynn — when they asked. Problem was, most didn’t think to ask and many ended up struggling on their own. So, Advantage Home Care and Beach Glass Transitions decided to form a partnership and now Rich can offer Lynn’s services to all of his clients. “In many cases,” he says, “the client did not look to me for help because I did not offer that service. By offering the transition case management as a service up front, many of my clients will be able to look to me as a resource to help them through this difficult process.” 

The initial consultation with Lynn is free and after that, the cost depends on what kind of help a family needs. As she explains,”We do a medical, social and financial profile of each of our clients and figure out the very best senior care for them, whether at home or in a facility or somewhere in between. When transitioning from home, the biggest thing is sitting down and explaining to people why one facility may be better than another. ‘This is why I think your Mom would thrive in this setting.’ We’re  not a referral service. I can say. ‘I’ve met your mother, I’ve interacted with her and that is why I can recommend what I think are the best options.”‘

It’s that personal attention along with the expertise that comes from experience, that makes Advantage Home Care delighted to announce its new partnership with Beach Glass Transitions.

For more information about the partnership between Advantage Home Care and Beach Glass Transitions and how it might help your family, contact:

Rich Blumenthal 207.699.2570 or [email protected]
Lynn Peel 207.272.2797 or [email protected]



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