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Aging in Place: I want to stay in my own home

A den in a home

It’s a funny thing, at least for people who are parents, how as you get older, the tables can turn. The child you watched over may now be doing the same to you, which can be rather disconcerting at times. Especially if your children are telling you that they don’t think your home is safe anymore and you are determined to stay in it as long as possible — the term used these days is aging in place.

What is an advance directive and why should you have one?

A woman and her father about twenty five years ago

This is one of my favorite pictures my dad and me. We were both so young! It’s safe to say that I’m older now than he was in that picture. I know they’re clichés but time does fly — in the blink of an eye. My dad passed away in 2009. He had a lot … Read more

How to Handle Family Conflicts When Caring for an Elderly Relative

An elderly man with a younger female relative in the background

John was blessed with a large family. He would be the first to tell you so. Now that he is elderly and has dementia, his children are committed to seeing that he gets the best care possible. The primary responsibility for managing his caregiving falls to those who live nearby. For the most part, there have been few family conflicts.

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Finding Transportation For An Elderly Parent

Finding transportation for an elderly parent

When Bruce’s dad couldn’t drive anymore, it was a big problem for him and his family. Everyone either lived out of state or worked full-time. No one could provide regular transportation. They turned to an agency similar to Advantage Home Care to find transportation for him. The agency was able to provide a variety of services for Bruce’s father, including rides to the store and the barber, and sometimes just a pleasant drive to nowhere in particular, which he always enjoyed.

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