Companion & Social Visits For Seniors

Advantage Home Care offers companion and social visits for seniors.  Our caregivers are committed to providing emotional well-being, happiness, caring companionship, and meaning to the lives of our clients. Social interaction is especially important for seniors who may spend many hours alone in their homes.

Companion & Social Visits for Seniors

Our attentive caregivers promote these feelings with thoughtful interaction such as:

• Stimulation of meaningful conversation on relevant topics to the client
• Companionship during meals
• Participation in activities formerly enjoyed by the client but no longer possible without assistance, such as gardening, sewing, cooking, painting or reading
• Scheduling appointments and communicating with medical providers or personal care providers such as hairstylists
• Supervision or monitoring of home repair or installation professionals
• Companionship & Conversation
• Beach/Cove Walking
• Reading, Sort and/or Read Mail
• Mail Bills & Letters
• Mind Stimulation Games
• Assist with Entertainment
• Answer Telephone/Review Telephone Messages
• Maintain Client Calendar
• Buy Newspapers, Magazines, Books
• Plan Visits, Outings & Trips
• Visit Neighbors, Friends, Family
• Reminisce about the Past
• Discuss Current & Historical Events
• Assist with Computer/Internet/E-mail use
• Participate in Crafts
• Play Games/Cards
• Sewing Assistance

Additional Information

Directed by clients but working as a partner, caregivers become the hands of the client.  This enables participation in enjoyable activities that may not be possible without assistance. Companion and social visits allows the client to continue acting independently in activities currently unaffected by physical limitations. The result is a relationship of trust and mutual respect. It also promotes dignity when the client later needs to ask for additional assistance with activities of daily living while aging in place.

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… throughout Dick’s illness, your knowledgeable and trained staff met his needs with a grand mixture of humor and compassion. As Dick’s physical and cognitive needs grew, we worked together to find solutions to the day-to-day problems of movement and reasoning. He smiled when his caregivers arrived and seemed to enjoy time spent with them. Your staff eased Dick’s transition from hospital to a care facility and supported his adaptation to new surroundings…they brought out the best in Dick, allowing him as much independence as possible, challenging his mind and making him laugh. I thank you and them for maintaining that quality of life throughout his final year.

Nancy Austin