Difficult Conversations

It isn’t easy telling a parent you think it’s time to stop driving or that you’re worried about him or her living alone. That’s why many adult children either put it off or have repeated conversations that go nowhere. Learn how to have a meaningful conversation that benefits both you and your loved one on the Advantage Home Care Blog.

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  1. Mary Ann

    Dad is 94, lived in his own house until recent heart problems, is now in rehab, and we feel it is time to move to independent living or assisted living. If he went home he would need a great deal of home care which he cannot afford. His license was taken away by the police in February so thankfully we did not need to have that particular conversation. There are 2 beautiful places here in Western Mass which offer escalating levels of care should he need it. We need help with having the conversation in a respectful but firm manner. Can someone help us with this?

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