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Meal Planning & Preparation

We provide meal planning and preparation services because nutritious meals are imperative to the overall health and well-being of seniors. Advantage caregivers are trained and skilled in the planning and preparation of healthy, well-balanced meals. The opportunity to eat regular, healthful meals promotes strength, hydration, and recovery necessary for proper absorption of medications.

Planning Healthy and Nutritious Meals

Our caregivers, using fresh ingredients that cover the basic food groups, assure healthy nutrition through the following activities:

• Meal preparation, companionship during mealtimes, and clean-up at meal completion
• Meal planning, including preparing a grocery list, coupon clipping, shopping for nutritious foods and following dietary cooking requirements
• Preparation of future meals
Compliance with physician and dietician recommended meal guidelines, resulting in balanced and appealing meals for seniors with blood pressure, heart, diabetes, kidney and liver problems
• Monitor food freshness and expiration dates
• Monitor diet and eating habits
• Creative strategizing to overcome the negative impact of medications on the taste of food
• Regular hydration scheduling by providing water at appropriate intervals throughout the day

Meal Preparation

Meal preparation may be guided by specific medical instruction for a designated illness and the food preferences of our clients. If you suffer from any medical condition, please check with your physician before starting a new diet plan. If your physician approves, click on the following link for relevant points to consider.

For more information be sure to read our post entitled Special Diet Considerations for Seniors.  Be sure to follow up with your physician for official dietary guidance specific to your needs.

Contact Us For More Information

To learn more about our meal planning and preparation services, please call 207-699-2570 or to email us at [email protected].

I want to extend my family’s thanks for the patience and care you showed my father. I appreciate that you stepped into a difficult situation at a difficult time for us, and the quality care that he received through Advantage Home Care allowed us all the time needed to find a better living situation for him. I believe that those who care for the elderly are the unsung heroes in our society. I am singing your praises!

Susan F. 

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