Senior Transportation / Running Errands / Welcome Home Program

Incidental TransportationOur goal at Advantage Home Care is to maintain seniors’ connection to the community and interaction with the outside world. Many seniors have either lost the ability to drive or have made the decision not to get behind the wheel. Dependence upon family, friends, neighbors and public transportation providers is increased. Advantage Home Care transportation services assure transportation needs are safely met while offering peace of mind for family, friends, and clients.

Caregivers at Advantage Home Care respect the need to engage in the outside world and step in to relieve the dependence upon others by offering the following services:

  • Errand management such as prescription and dry cleaning pick-up or securing supplies for social events
  • Senior transportation to grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters or the homes of friends
  • Transportation to medical appointments, note-taking and sharing information during the appointment
  • Transition from hospital to home through our Welcome Home Program. Our caregivers will pick up clients at the hospital, take them home, and devote the next six hours to making them comfortable and getting them settled. Home clean-up, bed linen change, food shopping and meal preparation are included within the fixed price of $149.00.

Our caregivers must present safe driving records and retain comprehensive liability insurance on their vehicles. Advantage Home Care also supplements this coverage with a blanket liability policy. Clients who continue to maintain their own automobiles may request caregiver use of their own vehicle as long as their liability insurance is in force. With use of a client vehicle there is no mileage charge. Use of the caregiver vehicle incurs a mileage rate of $.55 which is charged to the client.

The importance of maintaining outside connections cannot be overemphasized. Isolation imposed by declining health and mobility associated with aging gradually eliminates activities leading to engagement and joy. For Advantage Home Care, this is unacceptable and avoidable. Our caregivers are trained to notice this progression and safely provide the services necessary for continued engagement.

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