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Benefits of massage for people who are elderly or have dementia (and caregivers, too)

I’ve long believed that if we could all start each day with a good back and shoulder massage the world would be a more peaceful place. Not only does massage help relieve stress and tension, it’s being used more and more as a complement to traditional medical treatments. For example, in some cancer centers, volunteer massage therapists give soothing massages to patients undergoing chemotherapy.
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Caregivers: Take a Moment Just for You

As Sid Halligan slipped deeper and deeper into Alzheimer’s disease, his wife Ginny realized that if she wasn’t careful, she might lose her own identity. He was 73 when they got the diagnosis, and 82 when he died last January. Until the last five months of his life, which he spent in a nursing home, Ginny took care of her husband at home.
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