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Home for the Holidays: Tips for Traveling with a Loved One with Dementia

An elderly father with his daughter

Every holiday season Ray and his wife Camille fly to Michigan to spend time with their daughter and her family. They’ve been doing it for the past decade and have never missed a year. But things are different now. Ray has dementia and Camille is worried that the trip may be too much for him — and also for her.

Because Ray is still in the early stages of dementia and is really looking forward to the trip, Camille has decided to do whatever she can to make it work. Her first step was to contact the Alzheimer’s Association for some travel advice. She learned that planning ahead is critical. 

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You Can’t Argue with Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s

Diane with her mother and sister

My mother has Alzheimer’s. I try to learn as much as I can about the disease and how to handle the myriad issues that are always coming up. I know, for instance, that you can’t argue with someone who has Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia.

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How to respond when someone with dementia begs to go home

An older couple, man kissing woman on cheek

It was heartbreaking. The moment he saw his wife, John would begin pleading with her to take him home. He had dementia and was living in a memory care facility. His wife visited him every single day. Listening to his repeated pleas to go home left her feeling guilt-ridden and exhausted.

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How to recognize a swallowing problem in someone with dementia

Lovely elderly lady smiling up from her wheelchair

My mother had a couple of choking episodes recently. I wasn’t alarmed because she’s had swallowing issues in the past. At least twice over the years, she had a procedure that stretched her esophagus because of a stricture or narrowing.

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An Important Link Between Bladder Infections and Dementia

A bed with bedside table with medications and cane

As we age, our immune systems tend to get weaker, making us more vulnerable to infections of all kinds. One of the most common infections in elderly people is a urinary tract (UTI) or bladder infection. A UTI can happen at any age, but there’s another thing that comes with advanced age that increases the risk.

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