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The Ups and Downs of Too Much Sugar

My mother Beverly loves her sweets, especially chocolate. When I was growing up, she wouldn’t buy just one candy bar, she’d buy the whole box and she wasn’t one for sharing. You see, it was bad for our health. But for her, it was salvation at the end of a weary day dealing with eight darling children. 
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Diabetes in the Elderly

Al sure did love his ice cream. Real ice cream. When the weather was good, he would sometimes drive his motorized chair to the ice cream stand at the end of his street. A few times he pulled up to the drive-through window to order a banana split. That is a true story! The manager asked his family to PLEASE call ahead and he’d have Al’s order ready, adding that he should go to the door, NOT the drive-through window. Safety wasn’t the only worrisome issue when it came to Al’s penchant for ice cream. He also had type-2 diabetes.
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