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Frostbite and the Elderly: What You Need to Know

A view of a snowy tree against a bright blue sky

Bitterly cold — that’s what the weather report says — danger of frostbite. Make sure you remember that frostbite can be especially dangerous to the elderly.

Did you know that if you have frostbite, your skin freezes and ice crystals form inside your cells?

Did you know that no matter what you might have seen in old movies, rubbing or massaging frostbitten skin only makes things worse?

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Finding Transportation For An Elderly Parent

Finding transportation for an elderly parent

When Bruce’s dad couldn’t drive anymore, it was a big problem for him and his family. Everyone either lived out of state or worked full-time. No one could provide regular transportation. They turned to an agency similar to Advantage Home Care to find transportation for him. The agency was able to provide a variety of services for Bruce’s father, including rides to the store and the barber, and sometimes just a pleasant drive to nowhere in particular, which he always enjoyed.

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An Important Link Between Bladder Infections and Dementia

A bed with bedside table with medications and cane

As we age, our immune systems tend to get weaker, making us more vulnerable to infections of all kinds. One of the most common infections in elderly people is a urinary tract (UTI) or bladder infection. A UTI can happen at any age, but there’s another thing that comes with advanced age that increases the risk.

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Meet Arleen DeNutte, Caregiver

Arleen Denutte, Caregiver at Advantage Home Care

During an 18-month period in the mid-90s, Arleen DeNutte and her husband lost all four of their parents. Together, with the help of other family members, they became loving caregivers for each parent during their final illnesses, one after the other. None of the experiences was easy. In fact, Arleen says they often felt overwhelmed, “but we were able to fulfill their wishes to stay home and I’ll always be grateful we could do it. I have memories I’ll never let go of.”

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