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How to Handle Family Conflicts When Caring for an Elderly Relative

John was blessed with a large family. He would be the first to tell you so. Now that he is elderly — a widower well into his 80s — and has dementia, all of his children are committed to seeing that he gets the best care possible. Even though most live out of state, and the primary responsibility for managing caregiving falls to the ones who live nearby, for the most part, there have been few family conflicts.
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Thanksgiving and Dementia. Yes, Still Cause for a Family Celebration

Your mother always cooked a huge Thanksgiving meal for the whole family and your father was always there at the head of the table, carving the turkey. This year is different because your mother has dementia. You and your father are her primary caregivers and are both determined to celebrate Thanksgiving just like your mother did — complete with all the fixings and Thanksgiving traditions.
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