We are so pleased and grateful to have worked with some wonderful seniors and their families over the years. We have learned so much from them. They all have become part of the Advantage Home Care ‘family.’

Our priority is always the well-being of the loved one we are caring for. We also strive to support the family members who are often not local but want and need to know how the client is doing. We understand how difficult it is for a child to feel comfortable about their elderly parent’s care. Our protocol emphasizes caring communication with all authorized family and supporters.

We have had the privilege of working with seniors in their homes or assisted living facilities from Wells to Bowdoinham Maine.

Here are some testimonials from some of the people we have either cared for or supported in some way including a testimonial from an Elder Law practitioner we have worked with.

Advantage Home Care
My sisters and I have consistently found Rich Blumenthal and his organization, Advantage Home Care, to be responsive and professional in their care of our mother. From the outset, Rich has rallied his group to meet our mother’s (and our) most pressing demands. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he can rapidly handle any exigency, no matter what the time of day. He has even helped us solve a problem late in the evening when, theoretically, his office was closed.

Rich is the quintessential communicator. He likes to organize periodic face-to-face meetings to discuss our mother’s condition and to see if there are ways he can better serve us. He communicates often, by telephone and e-mail, leaving us with the impression we can count on him for anything. We personally enjoy working with him and our mother also likes him, not to mention his caregivers.

Because of his strong business background and his solid understanding of the elder care industry, Rich has become a trusted advisor, offering us valuable insights and advice when we seek his opinions. We consider him a core part of our team. He is not afraid to personally roll up his sleeves to make our mother’s life as enjoyable as she deserves it to be.

Rich has also forged strong ties with the head nurse and staff members of the assisted living facility where our mother lives. This means that he is on board with them (and they with him) where it concerns our mother. Things tend not to slip between the cracks.

Rich and his employees understand what elder care entails and what it takes to get our mother through the night safely. They are ever vigilant and ready to assist her in whatever her needs might be. Each morning they write notes in a binder detailing our mother’s activities and state of mind during the previous night. Thus we have an ongoing record of events, allowing us to track her progress over time and deal immediately with any issues that arise each day. The assisted living facility staff members are given a copy of the notes, so they are also aware of what goes on with our mother.

As Rich and his group continue to demonstrate their reliability, we have given them new responsibilities during the day, in addition to those at night. Twice weekly now Rich’s caregivers take our mother out on errands, drive her to and from church on Sundays and escort her to concerts and plays.

We highly recommend Rich and his organization to any family considering an outside agency to assist in the care of their elderly parents. He is dependable, honest and, most importantly, a trusted friend.