Why Work at AHC?

Advantage Home Care is known for how well it treats its home caregivers and, of course, how well these caregivers treat our customers. Here is how some of our employees feel about us.


Advantage Home Care caregiverOne of our excellent caregivers, Dawn P., was interviewed for MaineJobs.

Click to learn more about another of our long-time caregivers, Arleen D..

Here is what some of our wonderful caregivers have to say about working with Advantage Home Care:

“I am truly blessed to be employed by Advantage Home Care. The owner and office administrators provide you with all the information you need. Most importantly, they are supportive to both their clients and their caregivers.  The support and appreciation they have for me is so gratifying. Being a caregiver to begin with is rewarding work, but working for a company that appreciates you and the work you do, really does bring out the best in you!  Advantage Home Care is true to their mission statement. They are compassionate, caring, understanding, and provide high quality home care to seniors.” – MJB, Caregiver

“Everyone in the office has been a great help to me and I feel like family working for this company and being a part of my client’s life.  I greatly appreciate working for this company. Out of all my work experiences, there is none finer than Advantage Home Care. They are head and shoulders above them all! I would not hesitate to recommend future caregivers and future clients to Advantage Home Care.” – Cindy K, Caregiver

“My experience working at Advantage Home Care is a positive one. They really aim to match caregiver and clients so both parties will work really well together. Their trainings are great and I was able to earn my CCA Certification.  (Certified Companion Aide). Advantage Home Care is very involved with caring for the elderly and aims to give back to the community. They also work closely with the Alzheimer’s Association.  In my opinion, one would be so fortunate to work for this caring company!” – Maureen, Caregiver

There are two reasons why I love it here:  1) I love taking care of elderly clients. 2) Rich Blumenthal has a beautiful heart and character for both his clients and staff.  Rich and his office staff are fantastic! They go out of their way to make things pleasant, smooth, and accommodating to my needs.”  Bonnie Z., Caregiver

“Rich is such a fair boss. I love the flexibility and that we all stick together as family. I love the understanding I get from both Rich and Dianne (Office Manager).” – Priscilla D., Caregiver

“Advantage Home Care is a very personalized and a compassionate company.  They are flexible and accommodating.” – Dani Q., Caregiver

“Advantage Home Care genuinely cares about people; especially their clients and caregivers.”  – Dawn P., Caregiver

“Rich Blumenthal is very hands-on, easy going, and is flexible with both his employees and clients at Advantage Home Care.”  – Jennifer E., Caregiver

“The people I work for are exceptional and easy to talk to and my co-workers are great.  To help improve our clients’ care, we pass along to each other information and tips that will help improve the client’s quality of care.”   – Kelley H., Caregiver